God’s Will in Retrospect

The will of God is sweet tonight, altogether ‘good and acceptable and perfect.’ The considerate love of the Lord Jesus for us seems such a kind thing now. I know it has always been so, but somehow I didn’t see how wise it was when it didn’t seem kind… Remind me of this when I cannot regard His love as considerate some time. ~ Jim Elliot

I too often confuse my wants with God’s will. I want to be the one who decides what is good and acceptable. I only know my own heart in part. He knows it in the whole, and yet I want to decide how my heart is handled.

I know some of my past, portions of my present and none of my future. He sees it all through the eyes of grace. I know that and still, in hours of bitter disappointment, ripping hurt, consuming grief, I accept His will only grudgingly.

I can look back years, months and even days and see how wise His will has always been. Even when, in the moment, it seemed bittersweet, at best. Remind me of this when I cannot regard his love as considerate some time.

Author: Debbie

A former counselor and public speaker, I'm grateful for many, many things - God's grace most of all!

4 thoughts on “God’s Will in Retrospect”

    1. Debby, I so agree. What would we do? If He didn’t look at me through the eyes of grace, I would never come out of hiding.
      As Jim said, the will of God is sweet and ‘altogether ‘good and acceptable and perfect.’ I’m sure you know his story. He wrote these words when he was 28 – shortly before he and his 4 friends were massacred by the Aucas, the Quichua word for savage – a group of Ecuadorian indigenous people they were trying to share the Gospel with.
      My friend, Vickie Brooks, who I often quote (her wonderful book is Delighting God), was the grand daughter of one of the missionary families there and lived with the Elliots and the other families when she was very young.

  1. This is my greatest struggle. Accepting God’s will and putting my entire trust in him even though he has never let me down in 63 years. I know he walks right beside me through thick and thin but when his will and my will don’t match, I find myself pouting like a child. However he doesn’t takke it personally – he just hangs right in there with me. That is pure love.

    1. I love that thought Jill – “He doesn’t take it personally – He just hangs right in there with me”. I love it because it’s so like God and so unlike me. It’s something isn’t it, how He never pulls in or pushes away when we rebuff or question Him? No cold shoulder, no defensiveness. You’re so right, that IS pure love.
      ~ Debbie

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