A Plate of Hate

Christianity does not want us to reduce by one atom the hatred we feel for cruelty and treachery. We ought to hate them. Not one word of what we have said about them needs to be unsaid. But it does want us to hate them in the same way in which we hate things in ourselves: being sorry the man should have done such things, and hoping, if it is anyway possible, that somehow, sometime, somewhere, he can be cured and made human again. ~C.S. Lewis

The world is reeling in light of the immense tragedy of the recent massacre in Norway. In addition to anguish, there’s a sentiment of hatred that is growing and spreading. I’m reminded of a time I helped myself to a plate of hate. Have you ever tasted it? Anyone who tells you that it doesn’t taste sweet at the moment, may have just been sampling dislike.

My working definition for hate is wishing someone ill – being glad if bad things come their way. I tasted hatred once. While it was sweet in my mouth it quickly turned sour in my stomach. When I hate cruelty and treachery, I hate what God hates. But if I begin to hate a person, regardless of the acts committed, I’ve lost sight of the grace that saved me.

I pray that I will never again fail to feel sorrow that a man should have done such things, and hope, if it is anyway possible, that somehow, sometime, somewhere, he can be cured and made human again.

Author: Debbie

A former counselor and public speaker, I'm grateful for many, many things - God's grace most of all!

6 thoughts on “A Plate of Hate”

  1. So true. That those who involve themselves with acts of treachury and evil is reason to search them out and prosecute them within the limits of the law… but we will always be wrong to demonize a human made in the image of God. We should be reminded again and again… our battle is not against flesh and blood. Thanks and God bless.

    1. MT – It seems to me that sometimes we confuse natural consequences with forgiveness. You’re so right, the battle isn’t against flesh and blood. Thank you!
      ~ Debbie

  2. Amen, Debbie. We ought to love our enemies while being afraid of that which infects them — that which once infected us and of which we are cleaned by the blood of the Lamb. Let us pray that they get clean, and made whole as well. In Jesus, Carley

    1. Carley – Jesus seems pretty clear on this one, don’t you think? Love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you. It’s really hard to keep hating someone you’re sincerely praying for. Thanks for your comment!
      ~ Debbie

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