The Story of Your Face

In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s famous short story, The Great Stone Face, a young boy stares at the face carved in granite and regularly asks tourists in town if they know the identity of the face on the mountain. No one does. Into manhood, midlife, and old age, he continues to gaze on the face at every opportunity until one day a tourist passing through exclaims to the once-young boy, who is now a weather-beaten old man, “You are the face on the mountain!” Contemplative awareness of the risen Jesus shapes our resemblance to Him and turns us into the person God intended us to be.  ~Brennan Manning

Some say people look a lot like their dogs. You’ve seen people with sad eyes with a sad eyed basset or a bloodhound. Or a lean runner with a greyhound for a companion. I think there may be a draw to type, but I haven’t seen anyone look like golden retriever, just from gazing at one year after year.

I do, however, believe our appearance is altered by the things we spend the most time looking at; a reflection of where our eyes and where our hearts linger.

You don’t have to look too long at someone’s face to have some idea what their focus is. Anger, serenity, hatred, joy, anxiety, love, pain, vanity, disappointment, arrogance all become indelibly etched in the fine lines and furrows of our features.

Have you ever met someone who, year after year, has gazed at the face of their Father? Wow, does that ever show! He shapes their resemblance to Him and turns them into the persons God intended them to be.

A face doesn’t get more beautiful than that!

Author: Debbie

A former counselor and public speaker, I'm grateful for many, many things - God's grace most of all!

9 thoughts on “The Story of Your Face”

  1. Hi Debbie, I just found your site through LeRoy Dean. I love what you have here and have signed up for an email subscription.

    I like this new perspective on turning your eyes upon Jesus. It has nudged my heart to more fully face Him each day, something I have struggled with because of all the ‘outside’ pressures on my life and time.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Drusilla and my warmest welcome to you. Thank you so much for your thoughtful, open comment. I look forward to more of your insights and perspectives.
      You know the old hymn, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus? I turn my eyes, but I often get distracted. ‘Looking full and long in His wonderful face’ seems to be the key, doesn’t it? Thank you once again for joining me in this journey of grace.
      ~ Debbie

  2. Keeping focused on the Lord in the world that we live in during these times should involve a great deal of prayer. The devil’s grip on society is growing by the masses every day, every hour, every minute, every second.

    1. Jeffrey – without a doubt, it’s all about where my focus is. I can certainly tell when I look away, even briefly. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts here.
      ~ Debbie

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