The Genuine Article

Our claim that we are committed to being authentic can actually be a facade for self indulgence. If we’re not careful, authentic can be the new word for arrogance. As long as you’re true to yourself – say what you mean – just get it out – how can anyone fault you in any way? This perspective frees us from any concern for the feeling of others… Authenticity can establish a self-righteousness that justifies abuse. If we are committed to being the genuine article, we’d first better look closely at what we’re made of. ~ Erwin McManus

I’m from then Midwest. When I was little, my Dad made me a bug cage. I used to catch crickets and grasshoppers and try to feed them blades of grass. When they wouldn’t eat, I quickly set them free, afraid they would die. I thought they were very sweet and very fragile.

When I moved to Texas last year I saw the biggest grasshopper I’d ever seen. I didn’t capture him, except with the camera. He didn’t look sweet or fragile. Grasshoppers are everywhere, scattering as you walk across the parched Texas soil. They aren’t like the grasshoppers I caught as a little girl. These are Texas Red Devils. They aren’t sweet or fragile, they have fangs that draw blood. It’s  their nature.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the draw to being real comes when we’re hurt or angry or fed up. That’s when I have to remind myself that my real nature is a fallen one. My motives aren’t always pure and my heart isn’t always gracious. Just like the Texas Red Devil, I can bite when threatened.

If I’m committed to being the genuine article, I’d first better look closely at what I’m made of. Remake me in Your image, O Lord.

Author: Debbie

A former counselor and public speaker, I'm grateful for many, many things - God's grace most of all!

10 thoughts on “The Genuine Article”

    1. suebe – Wow! I’m so honored! I’m traveling and have very little internet access. I hope my VBA doesn’t expire right away! I’ll be home in a week and look forward to catching up with you! And thank you, not just for the acknowledgement, but for your kind words and for continuing to share these moments with me.
      ~ Debbie

  1. “a facade for self-indulgence” wow, I fear that at times. But for me that fear can lead to bottling things up that I need to share. The difference can be the forum in which they’re shared and always the attitude of the heart. “Change my heart, o God, make it ever new. Change my heart, o God, make it just like you.”
    Good post.

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