Seeking Wisdom

The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are. ~ C. S. Lewis

And for that reason, I’ll be posting a little less often. I want to balance the time I devote to writing, with reading your blogs and other wise works.

Unlike many bloggers, I’m not a writer. I’m not even an aspiring writer.

What I am is so very grateful for grace. And grateful for all I learn from you.

χαρις my friends,

Author: Debbie

A former counselor and public speaker, I'm grateful for many, many things - God's grace most of all!

21 thoughts on “Seeking Wisdom”

  1. Balance is good. I agree we have to step back occasionally and regroup. But you are wise, you are gifted, and those of us who follow you thirst for your wisdom. You are a channel and inspiration from the Holy Spirit. Hope that helps put things into a little perspective for you. Sometimes, we need to know that what we are doing has reached others and is making a difference. You are an EXCEPTIONAL difference. Blessings. Sharon

    1. Sharon – you can’t begin to know how much that means to me, and not surprisingly, you wrote at exactly the right moment. Thank you, dear heart.
      ~ Debbie

  2. Your humble approach to the gift (to communicate with words) that you have is admirable Debbie, but as many have said and I bring a swift ditto… we are blessed by your encouraging and even challenging two minutes of grace. I hope you simply gain a second wind and come back running. Thanks and God bless.

    1. MT – Thank you for such kind words. Just to clarify, although I spent 20+ years as a professional speaker, I find it really difficult to translate my thoughts into writing. I’m also exceptionally wordy. I love adjectives and adverbs and just lots of words. That’s why I decided to make this 2 minutes of grace. It forces me to stay under 300 words. 😀
      I also found that in trying write 2 blogs almost daily, I was leaving little time for reading other blogs. I’ve cut back on my postings for Fork, too. My heart is here at TMG, so I’m sure I’ll be swamping you with posts soon. Thanks again,
      ~ Debbie

  3. Blessings on your continued growth in whatever area you are being let “to”
    We have been blessed by your insight and I hope you continue to check back in
    Prayers for your day and your new future

    1. Too kind as usual, Heidi. While I’m not writing here, I’m still writing at Fork. You might want to read today’s post (the 8th) before you are too free with praise! 😉
      ~ Debbie

  4. By the way, I am not Liking this post on that button Thingy. I am not Liking the possibility of losing your Wisdom and Grace filled posts. I will pray that you continue sharing your heart in the beautiful way that you do.

  5. I totally agree with Debby. You write beautifully! Your writing has moved me forward in my journey So Many times. You are a wordsmith. Your writing reflects Wisdom, Faith and Grace in palpable ways. Please do not write less often! Your voice and your heart have become an important part of my day. Don’t give up on this. We Need you!

    1. Jen – Just taking a short step back to re-evaluate. Thank you for the surprising encouragement. By the way – I’m very glad to have found you – and your blog. 😀
      ~ Debbie

    1. Peter – Not to be argumentative since that would be wholly inappropriate at a place called Grace – but you’re a writer. I just write. There’s quite a difference. But thank you.
      ~ Debbie

  6. I must say I disagree on you not being a writer. I will bug you if your posts become to infrequent. You add so much to our day with your thoughtful and well written words on grace. It will be like not getting to see a dear friend often enough.

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