Late With My Thank You Notes

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.– William Arthur Ward

Whenever my son was given a gift, he thanked the giver before he even opened it. He was, and is, a gracious receiver.

Have you ever thanked someone, maybe for singing a beautiful song at church or writing a lovely verse, only to have them say something akin to Don’t thank me – to God be the Glory. While I think I understand the heart here, it always leaves me feeling chilly and exhorted.

In the blogging world, there are numerous awards. I’m fascinated by the different ways people react. Some receive them much like my son, so filled with gratitude that they thank you before your post is dry. There’s also the group that doesn’t believe in awards. Then there’s me: grateful for the gift but feeling at a loss and shy about it, I failed to write thank notes in a timely fashion.

Now I’m in a quagmire of gratitude. I have 3 awards to thank people for, with requirements of links to share and tales to tell – all in 2 minutes.

In September, I was given The Versatile Blogger award by 6 folks I failed to thank. (I hope it hasn’t expired?) A few days ago, I was gifted with the Candle Lighter Award and yesterday with the 7×7 Link Award.

To each of you who thought of me, I’m honored and I thank you in advance of opening my presents. I won’t post the badges until I meet the rest of the criteria. TMG is bound by the constraints of time, so today I will say THANK YOU so much with my encouragement to check out these gracious bloggers!

Thank you for The Versatile Blogger Award to:

SueBe @ One Writer’s Journey

Jeff @ Reveling in the Overflowing Grace of God

Carley @ Grace Partakers

Jeffery @ Memories of Caleb

MT @ Resting in His Grace

Drusilla @ On Faith and Writing

The Versatile Blogger Award has 2 steps that will require another post: sharing 7 things about myself and passing this award along to 15 other bloggers. I’ll aim for this tomorrow.

Thank you for The Candle Lighter Award to:

Kate @ Believe Anyway

The Candle Lighter Award is for a post or a blog that brings light to the world. The only thing the recipient is required to do is accept it. If the recipient thinks someone else is a Candle Lighter, they can give the award anytime they wish. There’s no limit to the number of times you can give or receive this award.

Thank you for the 7×7 Link Award to:

Drusilla @ On Faith and Writing

Susie @ SPTP 2011

The 7×7 Award requires matching 7 of your own posts to the 7 prescribed categories; nominate 7 blogs that you think are worthy of receiving the 7×7 Link Award, and finally, disclosing a secret about yourself (I think that makes it 7x7x1). I’ll work on this and post soon.

OK, well that was awkward, wasn’t it? I’m grateful to all of you who read TMG – you’re a true gift and I thank God for you every day. You keep my candle burning!

Author: Debbie

A former counselor and public speaker, I'm grateful for many, many things - God's grace most of all!

22 thoughts on “Late With My Thank You Notes”

  1. Your son sounds wonderful–what a sweet, gracious spirit and heart!! Pinch his cheek for me (gently, please). Hey, Sis–I would so love to tell you what I’ve learned about the awards deal–but I’m afraid it would come across wrong (like I was more full of myself, instead of less). I’ll try to put it quick and not too cryptic–it’s not the awards per se, it’s what “Happens” when you accept them and pass them on. It was quite a divine love revelation for me–and made me really glad I overcame the fear of getting them. (Yes, I know what you mean about the pious “to God be the glory” response. I hope I don’t sound that way in my “speeches”–but I have to cover all bases, lest somebody miss the Shekina Glory thing!) Okay, I’m really seriously going to bed now–oooxxx, Caddo

    1. Dear Caddo – You were completely gracious – and funny – in your speeches. I think the reward in receiving the award is two fold. Of course we all write hoping to touch something in someone, otherwise we’d just keep a journal, right? So when someone has liked something enough to think about me in connection with an award, it’s, well, rewarding. 😉
      The greater benefit, for me, is using the opportunity to either say a simple thank you (like the Candle Lighter Award), or to share blogs/posts that I love with people who night otherwise not find them.
      I’m linking to one or two posts at a time, because I think if I list all 22 at once, few will read them. I need to clarify the stars a bit though and add links in the post (which I just did with yours);)
      Thank you for being such an encouragement! The SG is definitely shining through! 😀
      ~ Debbie

  2. Debbie, I agree with Debby. You are consistantly thoughtful and an example to all the rest of us on how to be kind and loving and caring and sharing. I don’t think in the months since I started visiting you here, that there has ever been a post that hasn’t uplifted and encouraged. I always leave here with a smile and a better attitude. Thank you for all you do here.

    1. Oh Drusilla – You can’t know how much that means to me. I’ve often think I’m too preachy or negative – which is so contrary to the grace I love. You are a sweet gift of encouragement and I thank you!
      ~ Debbie

  3. I used to struggle with accepting praise and gratitude from people that were blessed by my singing or playing (would you believe I just almost typed “sinning??”), but I finally got to the point where I could graciously just accept their thanks/praise while still directing the glory to God.

    I don’t think awards expire… 😉

  4. You did soooo good, Debbie. 🙂 Showing that you are full of gratitude and also embody what each of those awards require. God bless you and all that God desires you to have and to share!

    1. Deb – Whew! Glad to have that part done. I have my odd list written for tomorrow – then I’ve decided to take a different approach to the links. You may like it – I hope so.
      ~ Debbie

    1. Dear jellie – LOL! At first I thought you were just one of those very enthusiastic types! 😀 Now I get it. Thank you! Thank you! And Thank you! 😀
      ~ Debbie

  5. Debbie, you are consistently thoughtful in your words. You’re an example to me when I sit down to write. Most deserving, my friend, of accolades and my continued thanks for the grace you extend.

    1. Debby – In my many years as a public speaker, I loved it when I could tell stories that would make people laugh, or sometimes, cry, but I was never comfortable with applause. Possibly I’m not a gracious receiver? I just feel mostly awkward.
      That doesn’t diminish my appreciation of the kind thoughts and words of others, which mean so much, whether via an award or a comment.
      I’ve written my 7 (8 actually) things about myself for tomorrow’s post. From there, I’m going to go in a bit of a different direction with the other requirements.
      Your blog and your heart of grace, top my reading list every single day. You have become a dear, dear friend.

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