He Waits

Don’t accept your dog’s admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful. – Ann Landers

I have a dog, a Schnoodle named Henry. Henry’s my 8th dog (Henry VIII). I’ve never had a dog like this one.

He waits in anticipation for my attention. He waits for me to wake up, he waits for me to return home, he waits for me to call him. He waits. Henry loves me too much – beyond my merit. That’s the way it is with dogs sometimes.

I have a Father. He, too, waits for my attention, waits for me to wake up, to return home, to call on Him. He loves me too much – way beyond my merit. That’s the way it is with grace all the time.

Henry loves me wildly, blind to all my shortcomings. The Father loves us with His eyes wide open! We can accept His love as evidence that we are wonderful.

He waits.


(To my friend Melis (see link in 5 Star posts) – Harper loved you unconditionally. So does the Father, eyes wide open)

Author: Debbie

A former counselor and public speaker, I'm grateful for many, many things - God's grace most of all!

30 thoughts on “He Waits”

  1. Dear Debbie.

    OK hold on:

    We have a dog. My dad made me promise we would get our son a dog one day. After Daddy died our son needed that dog

    He is a schnoodle.

    His name is Henry.

    I kid you not!

    He is a fine fine dog and I am NOT a dog person.

    Our Henrys DO remind me that Love is There all around every moment. God is there every moment.

    Love to you, Jen

    1. Jen – First there was Iowa, then the New Melleray Abbey, then Hayden Fry and now, Henry! Seriously? You have a schoodle?
      I’ve only met three people that have even heard of schoodles. AND you named him Henry? Was he your VIII dog, too, or did the beard get to you? 😉
      In spite of my multiple dogs and countless childhood cats and turtles, I’m not really a ‘pet person’ either. I’m more of a people person, but I’ve learned a lot about life from Henry. In addition to being such an unconditional lover, he makes me more gentle and kind, in part, because he throws up if anyone gets upset. 🙂
      Love to you, too, my friend,

      1. I know. Weird right?

        I do not like dogs at all. We chose the breed and found only one place in CO that had a litter.

        Will took one look at the little guy and said, ‘Thats him! His name is Henry!’.

        Just like that!

        He is a good little guy and loyal and loving as all get out. The barking drives me batty but…

        He is our guy.

        So many connections and so much Connection. It Really is mind boggling isn’t it?

        I often think THIS is why I began a blog. I do.

        One day we will cross physical paths. I just know it.

        Sleep tight, jen

  2. Hi Debbie! I must say I’m not an animal person–but that dog is adorable! And I so love the Ann Landers quote!! (So, is that the Schnoodle, she asks, like an idiot? I know Lassie–that’s about the extent of my canine expertise.) Just wanted to check in for a brief visit, and breathe the 2 minutes of grace! Thank you for being here, and being my new sister–much love, Caddo SG (I hope all this fooling around is okay with God…)

    1. Dear Caddo – Yes, the picture is of Henry and he’s a schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle mix). And I think that since God invented a sense of humor, He’d be sad if we didn’t use it! 😉
      love to you, too,
      ~ Debbie

    1. Jeff – My only worry is that old saying that people start to look like their dogs… Ever since I’ve moved to Texas and it’s been So hot, I’ve noticed my tongue hanging out more. Not a good sign. 😉
      ~ Debbie

  3. The Congregational Church in the next town over has a sign that this week reads “God help me to be the person my dog thinks I am.” I think that is a great prayer and one God will answer!

  4. Oh Debbie dear . . .I loved that, that God loves us with His eyes wide open. And He waits for us. I don’t want to keep Him waiting! God bless you, gracious one, and the wonderful way you always come back to His grace. And Henry is adorable. 🙂

    1. Deb – Yes, my friend. I don’t want to keep Him waiting either. Eyes wide open love is the love of Grace. It knocks my socks off to think of it. (If I thought on it enough, I’d be perpetually barefooted!) It’s a good thing Henry can’t read or I’d have to get him a bigger collar! 😉
      ~ Debbie

  5. It must be the Schnoodle temperament. We have never had a dog like Lucy before either. Let’s see, she is our 9th dog I believe. We just tried to count them up and we think that is right. Anyway, she too, waits … and waits … and waits! When we leave her in the trailer, it is our impression based on evidence that she basically lays on the couch waiting for us to come home. Even if we give her a brand new chewy bone, it lays there untouched until we walk in the door. Then after giving us kisses and greeting us with her “hello, I didn’t think you were ever coming back” bark, she runs and gets it and starts vigorously chewing. It appears that she doesn’t even drink water while we are gone, as oftentimes, she dashes to her water bowl and drinks like there is no tomorrow!
    She patiently waits for us to feed her … no wild running around and demanding to be fed. She just trusts us to feed her, and when we are getting it ready, she just sits a few feet away, waiting for us to put it down.
    She loves us so much and we love her back. We dread the day we have to say goodbye. Isn’t it incredibly awesome that we NEVER have to tell our Father goodbye? He has promised never to leave us or forsake us, and that no one can take us out of His hand. What an incredible God we serve.

    1. Sue – That describes Henry to a tee! He doesn’t eat when we’re gone. He sits staring out the door or the window until we come home. and then he rushes to his food or water or shew toy!
      He never barks, but he’s obsessed with eye contact. His favorite spot is about an inch from my nose. I’m never sure if he’s trying to read my mind or share his – but he’s a once in a life time dog. 😀
      Your point is so beautifully made. Life seems is full of goodbyes, but we’ll never have to say goodbye to the One who is the true Lover of our soul. Incredible? Yes!
      ~ Debbie

      1. Our little Schnoodle Lucy weighs in at about 8 lbs. That at least leaves the “inch from the nose” thing more comfortable than it would have with our English Mastiff we had a few years ago! Yes, her favorite spot is up close and personal too. After coming right up to your nose and trying very hard to lick it, her next thing is to put one paw on each side of your neck like she is hugging you! It is so sweet … she is very huggable and loving.
        How big is Henry? I think you said he is about 18 lbs so he is more than twice her size, unless I am thinking of someone else’s dog. I sure hope we can meet sometime!

      2. Sue – I think Henry weighed about 15lbs when he used to run free on the Oregon beaches every day. But now, as you well know, “It’s a Jungle Out There”. 😉
        He’s a hugger, too, just heavier on the chest! I’m sure we’ll get to meet one of these days! Unemployed again in a week and a half… maybe we’ll be neighbors!
        ~ Debbie

  6. Oh Debbie. Thank you for giving me “Most Hopeful”. I do apprecaite that! I’m honored, and i’m so glad you read about Gracie. It used a great deal of feeling. I wanted to be proper with Gracie.

    WAAAAAAAAAAAA! Harper loved me so much too without a second thought. Why can’t i believe that God or my God loves me like that? He doesn’t lick my face, or jump up and down, or stick 5 toys in his mouth and run around the kitchen like he’s “all that”. Sorry … i’m just saying … i can’t grasp it: Proof is my problem. I don’t see the pudding, right?

    I miss the way he loved me, but i loved being able to care for him. He was neglected and alone, like me. We were different species (OK … now i’m totally nuts, i’m sitting here admitting that i know i’m NOT a dog, erm …) … but we connected on sad things, then we made a lovely commitment to each other. A silent understanding that we had mutual affection and that we both needed and appreciated outward displays of silly, fluffy love!

    I needed the Dog Adoration (which is NOT to be mistaken with Human adoration). I guess there’s more of a comparison with Dog Love and God Love, than with Human Love (or other Humans) and God Love. People, we people, we do our best, but there’s that distinct feeling, always, underneath: We were born alone and we die alone. In between, we’re trying to get along with each other, and hopefully take care of each other. blah blah blah.

    Good news! Seeing Don and the pooch tomorrow. Next good news: I let Don read the Story of Gracie. He loved it 😉 as for the rest of my tripe: Fat chance … 😉 or …

    1. Dear melis – Point taken, my friend. I don’t think dogs are people, too. I think dogs are much better unconditional lovers than people. So, yes, in that sense you’re exactly right about God and dogs. You and Harper connected. And as you spent time together, your bond grew and your trust and love grew.
      I think you and God are beginning to connect and as you spend more time together, I’m confident your love and trust in His love will grow and you’ll find Him to be much more Present than you would ever have guessed.He loves you inside out and outside in.
      If Henry didn’t have a beard and look so much like an old man,it would have been nice to have named him Gracie (which might have been an odd name for a boy dog), so that every time I said his name, it could be a sweet reminder of the constant presence of God’s grace. I’m praying your Gracie will become that for you. 😀

  7. Debbie, This just touches my heart so much. Kayla was the same for me; but like purpleborough, I never thought about the comparison either. It is a wonderful example of how we are to be with our Father.

    Melis, Debbie is right. God’s love for us is beyond anything we can ever imagine with our human minds. Unconditional, eyes wide open, arms spread wide.

    And the amazing thing is that when we seek forgiveness, even though His eyes are wide open, He will see our sins no more; only a beloved child that He has been waiting for.

  8. Debbie, I hope I’m not repeating myself but my Henry (NOT a dog ;)) has said he wishes he followed God the way our dog follows him. Our dog follows like a shadow. We should all follow the Father that closely.

    1. Dear Debby – My apologies to your Henry about the name thing.
      I had a friend in college whose Dad was a vet and her dog’s name was Helen (he was tired of dog names). 😀
      I agree with your Henry – I want to WANT to follow the Father like my Henry follows me. 🙂
      ~ Debbie

    1. Dear Linda – Henry is such a gentle soul. You know the quote: Someday I hope to grow up to be the person my dog thinks I am. 😉 I echo that.
      ~ Debbie

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