Pet Cemetery

Everyone feels benevolent if nothing happens to annoy him at the moment. ~ C.S. Lewis

I can’t remember not having a pet. My folks didn’t believe in inside pets, but I always had an outside cat. My outside cat inevitably became friends with other outside cats. Each year there was a new litter of kittens.

I also had a series of tiny painted turtles from the Five and Dime. I fed them their special turtle food and petted them (which I don’t think they liked much) and gave them a lot of attention but they kept dying. It turns out that adding paint to the backs of otherwise plain turtles, causes their shells to turn soft. No one knew that at the Five and Dime.

The summers were full of additional pet possibilities. I loved to catch crickets and lightning bugs and put them in jars with blades of grass and drops of water in tiny aluminum foil bowls. Sadly, they also failed to flourish.

With the death of each cricket or lightning bug or turtle, I would dig a little hole in the garden, in my pet cemetery, and mark it with a twig. It took a while, but I eventually learned that not all things are meant to be pets.

Henry is a gentle soul. He’s never demanding, never barks, never does anything but love (and sleep). I like that. If only people could be more like that. I don’t know about you, but some folks bother me. Certain types in particular: The Critic, The Arrogant, The Judgmental, The Intolerant, The Pat Answerer, The Gossip, The Nay-Sayer, The…

Well, actually the list is kind of long. It’s grown and flourished over the years as I’ve fed it and nourished it with justification and rationalization and self-righteousness.

It’s taken a while, but I’m learning that not all things are meant to be pets. Every now and then, I have to revisit the pet cemetery and bury some peeves.

Author: Debbie

A former counselor and public speaker, I'm grateful for many, many things - God's grace most of all!

26 thoughts on “Pet Cemetery”

  1. Hi Debbie I’m sorry I never got back to you after you so kindly comented on my Blog, but I honestly forgot with all that was happening at the time, also my replys were not being received so I have cut and pasted it for you, I’m going to leave you a link too the message encouraged me even though it was a bit sad.

    Hi Debbie, welcome to my Blog, yes my Memories of Petal are both sweet and sad but as the Scriptures tell us in Heaven we will know only Joy there will be not memory of the sadness we have suffered on earth, yes there are those who will argue for and against and if we really want to know, the Scriptures will tell us so, but as I shared in my post…

    The real picture that I have of Petal in my heart is of Joy and it will never depart, I will remember only the sweetness that she brought me not the pain so we will never be apart because God has for eternity placed her in my heart .

    I look forward to sharing with your more Debbie, I will drop by your Blog again in the near future, I will write a note !!!

    Christian Love Anne.

  2. My hand flew to my mouth . . .and I giggled. Oh Debbie, this was too good, too true. I have to laugh or cry. And get my shovel too. Remembering a time I was peeved. In a hurry, pulled into the little library parking lot, and there were these ladies going back and forth to their vehicle with something or the other. Nicely dressed ladies. But I needed to just park and run in . ..quickly! I thought they were done and started to go past to park when the one steps out and gives me a stop sign hand, arm straight out at me. Oh my. I’m usually kind of well, submissive, but this day I was stressed and wanted to give her a hand signal of my own. Didn’t. So there’s one to bury for sure, that peeve about people who think they are better than me and can get in my way and slow me down when I’ve left home too late to get everything done in time. haha!
    God bless you, gracious honest woman who knows what to bury and what to uncover.

    1. Dearest Deb –
      Thanks for going for a ride with me on this one, and for taking me on yours! 😉
      I wanted to have a bit of fun with a serious topic, but I can lean a little toward the obscure, which leaves me sounding more cheesy than thoughtful.
      Knowing what to bury and what to uncover. That’s brilliant! I love that, Deb. You said it much better than I! Thank you!
      ~ Debbie

    2. Oh my oh my! I cannot believe “our little Deb” would be tempted to “give a hand signal of her own”–I’m laughing so hard, I can barely type!!

      Okay, I’ve veered completely off topic, but are you ready for this? We used to have full tilt Episcopal funerals for anything that died–and we didn’t have “real” pets, just toads, gold fish, a poor mauled squirrel. Either because I was oldest, or most religious, I read the liturgy–everyone remained somber. (I also had the marriage service memorized, just in case–but maybe I jinxed myself by writing my own vows for that insanity…)

      I’m committed to learning what to bury–and doing it quickly before it starts to stink (and our faithful God has generously provided me with a first-of-the-new year opportunity–oh yeah, thanks Lord–I was getting to the grateful part, really I was.)

      Love to my sisters Debbie (2)! God bless you!

      1. Caddo – Wow! Now that’s a pet cemetery! How wise of you to commit yourself now to knowing what to bury. Isn’t it funny how we sometimes cover stinky things with stinky fertilizer instead of just digging a deep hole?
        Love to you, too!
        ~ Debbie

  3. What shall I say, I struggle with your list as well but then you loved me anyway. I was all of those at one time or another. And my heart was in pain little did I know.

    Now I know when I see people as such I wonder whats going on in their heart. They are all such an outward sign of soul trouble.

    Thank you for loving me to life.

    1. Dear Cathy – Your life is such a bright example of love and grace to me. Your desire to know the truth and to grow, makes me want to know the truth and grow, too! Thank you for loving me back!

  4. Oh, dear. You do like to shine the light into those dark places, don’t you? I try not to judge others because I have had those judgements turned on me too many times to count; but you have made me look at this in a new light. I guess I’m gonna’ have to follow Susie to the hardware store for my own shovel. Thank you for ‘bringing to light’ something I haven’t really thought about.

    1. I’ll tell you true, dear Dru, it’s shining the light in those dark places of my own heart that’s unsettling. Thank you for being so open with yours!
      ~ Debbie

  5. OH BAMBI (first thought) Cute pic!!!!! 😉 I would probably have tried to make Bambi a pet, but he/she’d be kind of hard to hide in a small Iowa house. What about little frogs? They die quick as well. Also, if you ever get fish … don’t overfeed them. Belly up, sadly.

    Oh Debbie! You are speaking to my heart. I know of St. Francis. The M family has had many a ceremony in the back yard by dear, St. Francis. Harper has joined the family of souls gone by.

    Dear, sweet, love, Henry. He is an angel. Doggies are so fine, sweet, simple, non-barking (Henry), non-demanding. Just a little kibble and a poo, and that’s it. I would love to have a snuggle with Henry. He may not appreciate that. He may not let me nose in (our pets are so devoted). I’d ask permission first, of course.

    Oh, and yes, the peeves, well, my g** hasn’t the list become a Peeve Mausoleum ?! I have a peeve encyclopedia (and i don’t even have to look them up anymore) Chock-ful-o all those things i don’t like about Other people :-).

    I’ll stay away from the encyclopedia and sink my nose into a fur ball instead! xoxox m

    Thank you for this. I’m smiling ear to ear, and you can take that to the bank.

    1. dear melis – Just when i think I’ve cleaned out the closet, I open the door and another peeve falls out.
      And Henry has superb people instincts. He would absolutely love you!
      ~ Debbie

    1. Dear Linda – Well great in a sort of awful way, huh? I failed to mention that my constant petting of the turtles, also led to their ultimate demise. I guess that softened their shells, too.
      I would love to read your story!
      ~ Debbie

    1. Dear Jeanne, oh yes indeed! And I’ve been known to bury things and dig them up and then have to bury them all over again. It’s the burial ground for my grace-less-ness.

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