A Sunday Song – There is a Redeemer

There Is A Redeemer ~ Keith Green

There is a Redeemer
Jesus, God’s own Son
Precious Lamb of God
Messiah, Holy One

Jesus, my Redeemer
Name above all names
Precious Lamb of God
Messiah, O for sinners slain

Thank You, O my Father
For giving us Your Son
And leaving us Your Spirit
‘Til the work on earth is done

When I stand in glory
I will see His face
And there I’ll serve
My King forever
In that holy place


I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I’m quiet before God, my mind is flooded with me. Instead remembering my King, I remember my past.

I’ve caused a great deal of pain. I’ve disappointed many. I’ve disappointed me. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve lost my way. I’ve failed. I’ve sinned. Then He reminds me of what I’m called to remember, There is a Redeemer, the Precious Lamb of God, Messiah, O for sinners slain

As Judi says in the very name of her blog, it’s not really about me.

When I stand in glory
I will see His face
And there I’ll serve
My King forever
In that holy place

You’ll find Judi’s post, unfamiliar land  and Deb’s post, No Condemnation here and in the 5 Star posts on the right side bar.

Author: Debbie

A former counselor and public speaker, I'm grateful for many, many things - God's grace most of all!

22 thoughts on “A Sunday Song – There is a Redeemer”

    1. Hello, dear Judi! In the 4 years I spent in Oregon as an Episcopal and in my bi-annual retreats to Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey, there was always a portion of the service where we would “share the peace” through a hand clasp or a hug. In both cases the groups were small and so sincere that it began to mean something special to my heart. So on this Sunday, across the many miles, I return your blessing. Peace to you to, my friend.
      ~ Debbie

  1. Thanks, Debbie. It’s good to be reminded that when we sit in the hurtful things we done, choices we’ve made, we are sitting in a place of possibility, of redemption, of forgiveness. It doesn’t have to be a permanent place of condemnation and self-loathing.

    1. Paulann – You put it so beautifully. Yes, it is a place of possibilities – somewhat obscured by guilt and pain at times, but certainly a place of forgiveness and only temporary residence, Thank you for your wise words,
      ~ Debbie

  2. I used to get really wound up with what I figure was performance anxiety if my mind drifted during a time of prayer or study of the Bible. Yet the more I learn about grace, the more I understand that God accepts me as I am today, and honours my commitment to grow and change. Yet in this commitment, all I can contribute is obedience. If I engineer the process or take credit for it, I invariably make mistakes. If however, I turn it over to God, and do my best to listen and sense direction, good things happen.

    Part of me wants things to be more scientific and linear than that. But all my efforts to make God systematic the way I am inclined to wanting Him to be have failed. So I am left with turning it over and doing my best to sense what my part is to obey and do.

    As vague as that sounds, it has been working for me.



    1. Chaz – ‘God accepts me as I am today, and honours my commitment to grow and change’ – that certainly sounds like grace to me!
      Thank you for clarifying what I left somewhat vague.It’s not that I haven’t failed, but that He won’t.
      I think there’s a non-linear, possibly more oblique line to walk, knowing that our sins are forgiven AND that our obedience is desired. Both are a part of being in relationship with God. While I don’t think grace is a hall pass, I don’t think guilt is ever healthy (conviction, yes – but guilt, no).
      Thanks for adding you thoughts here, Chaz.
      ~ Debbie

    1. dear katharine – you always leave me smiling! I wish Arkansas (did I get it right this time?) weren’t such a long way from Texas. I’d love to have coffee with you and hear your stories!
      ~ Debbie

      1. Arkansas and Texas are NEIGHBORS! However, although I am one hour from TX, I could be a whole day from anywhere INSIDE it. 🙂 I believe you are near the Gulf, though, and we love going there for a getaway in Jan. . . .

        Are you two allowed to have visitors?

      2. Oh yes, we are certainly allowed to have visitors, but I’m afraid we’re a very long way from your border. We’re waiting in Whittsett and expect to be assigned somewhere close to Cotulla which is a long way from nothing (or everything?)! 😉

  3. Debbie, you always make me think. This is beautiful. It is always powerful for me to read about people saying that They are Responsible. I, too, have done a lot of harm, I have hurt many people, (and i’m probably not done) … but it is awesome to know that there is a Higher Power who will also remind that i am good, and i have done a few things “good”. And, i hope i’m not done with that either! Love to you … melis

    1. dear melis – I would guess we’ve all caused more pain than we know. Some people forgive us, some won’t. – a good reminder to me to be quick to forgive.
      But, yes! we have a Redeemer and He forgives and restores. You are kind and vulnerable and open. That’s just the ticket for grace!

  4. Thank you, woman of grace and His splendor, for this wonderful song and encouragement as I go to Him. So thankful that He keeps reminding us that we are redeemed and much loved children of God.
    I read a post recently with the verse from Psalm 107:2 in it . . .”let the redeemed of the Lord say so. . .”
    God bless you as you go to Him today and worship your Redeemer who lives in you!
    love and prayers from the other deb

    1. Deb –
      I love Keith Green – he certainly was a passionate man of faith. When I listen to him singing: “When I stand in glory, I will see His face” it always makes me smile, knowing he’s there, smiling, serving his King forever. 😀
      Psalm 107 is a sweet reminder that His love endures forever and the redeemed should tell their stories.
      Thank you. And thank you for allowing me to include your poem. There is NO condemnation.
      love and prayers to you, too, dear Deb,

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