Be Loved

Define yourself radically as one beloved by God. This is the true self. Every other identity is illusion. ~ Brennan Manning

We define ourselves in innumerable ways: by our health: by our wealth; by our roles; by our rights; by our relationships; by our religion.

If the facade fits, we wear it.

What if Brennan is right? What if every identity is an illusion except our identity as one who is beloved by God. Where does that leave those of us who learned long ago to be selectively honest and cautiously vulnerable; to give instead of receive.

Sometimes we choose to give, not because it’s more virtuous, but because it’s safer. Sometimes we chose to love rather than be loved because being loved involves such inherent risk.

If we find our worth and definition as one beloved by God, we’ll have to be willing to be loved by Him. Isn’t that’s what beloved means, to be loved by?

What do you say? Ready to run or ready to reveal? Ready to get radical and be who you already are? Ready to be loved, beloved?

Author: Debbie

A former counselor and public speaker, I'm grateful for many, many things - God's grace most of all!

32 thoughts on “Be Loved”

  1. VERY good! I spent several years…hair chopped, dress basic, rediscovering me. HE showed me many layers that were no longer needed. Forever work in process as HE shows the special facets HE created long ago. Thanks beloved!

  2. Debbie,
    I so embrace this. It is becoming more and more experientially real.
    It’s incredible and leaves me speechless.

  3. OK. You did it again!

    ‘What do you say? Ready to run or ready to reveal?’

    Did you HAVE to ASK?
    Yes. Am I ready to answer….


    This also had me revisiting what I have read about Radical Christianity. I haven’t thought about the specific teachings in a long time.

    Ready to Run? Yes.

    Ready to Reveal? Sometimes.

    Ready to be loved?

    gotta ponder why that is SO hard to answer…

    XO Jen

    Thank you for the ThoughtStorm

    1. Oh Jen, my dear friend –
      You are so honest and true and I love that about you.
      I wish I could make it easy, but it just doesn’t work that way,
      Maybe the running in Healer (Sunday’s Song) will resonate a little?

      It’s not entirely a mystery why being ready to be loved is so hard.
      When the storm settles, I’d love to hear more of your thoughts.
      love and peace,
      ~ Debbie

  4. This is deep, gracious one . . .and one I need to think about, pray about. Live out. 🙂 love you and the grace you give us here – the other deb
    p.s. hope you don’t mind if I leave a song. Your post just made me think of it.

    1. Hello, sweet Deb!
      What a wonderful video! I’m afraid many won’t see your comment, so I’ll use it for a Sunday Song someday soon! Thank you! Thank you!
      ~ Debbie

    2. The other Debbie,
      Im glad you shared this. I’ve heard it a few times lately and love it! Certainly goes with the blog.

  5. There is so much fear in being loved. I think you nailed it. I like this. I’m so fortunate that I felt loved to pieces when I was a wee thing. God and me–play buddies. It took 50 years to realize this is a rare relationship that I’ve been given with Him.

    1. Heidi – Truly, what a gift God gave you to give you such confidence in His love so early and so permanently. It really is rare and wonderful to watch!
      ~ Debbie

  6. Wow, this is powerful–and this morning, I am particularly challenged to live in His radical love and grace, authentically. But it SO Worth IT. Thanks, Debbie–Shekina Sis! Praying for you to have a much-blessed day.

  7. Frisky!!! Erm, don’t know. I know i’m beloved by some EA’s not matter what …

    I’ve many times thought of myself as an illusion. I may be getting signs … a message from my EA. Love to you, frisky questions!!

    1. dear melis – you are beloved by God (and me, but God gets top billing here)!
      Today’s Sunday song (11th) is the one I promised would be for you – and yes, I took the photo on a hillside in Ireland. I thought you’d like that.
      I so want you to know that you are beloved.
      Be loved, my friend,
      ~ Debbie

      1. I can’t wait to see today’s post … i have to run to Kohs, Jeesh. I love you to pieces!!! THANK YOU my dear heart. How did you get so smart and so “Be-Loved” 🙂 xoox melis

  8. Thank you Debbie…this Is a radical way to live…as beloved… For we are vulnerable and out of our comfort zone. What keeps us…fear? And yet perfect love drives out fear. What if everyday, throughout the day, we pondered the words of Jesus in our hearts, ” I thirst” and imagine Him saying that to us personally. ( i thirst for you) We would be swept away by this passionate love and would begin to understand what it means to live as the beloved. Thanks for an awesome post! Blessings.

    1. fromtheheart –
      Oh yes, we would be swept away – beautifully said and clearly you have aptly named your blog!
      Fear, the factor that so often determines not only what we face, but the face we show. Yes.
      Thank you for you kind words and for your encouragement to be radical, beloved!
      ~ Debbie

  9. On the surface it seems so simple. Yet coming out of the shadows into His light-love is a constant work made possible only by GRACE! Thank you Jesus that your grace is shed abroad in my heart. Thanks for being His arm of encouragement Deb!

    1. Hello my Wrinkly friend! 😀
      It’s never really easy is it? It reminds me of Phantom of the Opera.
      God sees all that and more and lovingly looks at us and says “You are my Beloved”
      All is made possible only by His grace – yes, so true, my friend.

  10. I believe we all have two faces the one we show God and the one people see, and though we may have more then one Jesus want is to show the one He sees all the time. But we become fearful in allowing people to see it for they see our weakness and that puts on the the wall. When we give up those other faces God will strengthen us so we don’t have to be concern about what others may or may not like or say about it. Our mission is to please the Father no people…

    1. Hello desiry – How great to see you here. I agree with you, I think the fear of rejection or ridicule or even indifference (to share your true face and find no one/someone doesn’t care) sparks in us the desire to present, for public viewing, only what we think, they think is acceptable.

      As we grow in love and grace, hopefully, people see more and more of God in us and less and less of us pieced together like a Picasso.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts,
      ~ Debbie

  11. How very true I’m thinking. Beloved of God, meaning we are His children, meaning we obey Him, meaning we serve Him, meaning He is the most important thing in our lives…yes beloved of God we are special. Praise be to God for His love for us.

    Thanks for today’s grace Debbie.


    1. Greg – Special. How easy it is to forget how very special.
      How hard it can be to feel “special”. You said it beautifully.
      Grace to you, dear brother,
      ~ Debbie

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