Reader Appreciation Award

If instead of a gem, or even a flower, we should cast the gift of a loving thought into the heart of a friend, that would be giving as the angels give.  ~ George MacDonald

I started this blog 10 months ago today.

You, my friends, have cast the gift of a loving thought into my heart time and again.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to try to intermingle some thank you notes with my regular TMG posts. I’ve been remiss in not thanking you sooner or paying your kind encouragement forward by passing it on to other bloggers.

Now, because I’ve waited so long, I’m at a bit of a loss as to where to start. I’ve decided to begin at the end and try to work my way backwards.

The Reader Appreciation Award.

Rules to this award:

1. Link the Award image back to the one who presented it to you.

First, a long overdue thanks to Pastor Wrinkles @ Reinventing the We’ll  who was kind enough to nominate me for this award back in February. I’m including his description of himself to entice you to check out his blog. 😀

As I walk through my changes good and bad, the good God I serve is always using those changes to reinvent me…to reinvent us. For you see, my change touches others; So my transformation causes there to be a “Reinvention of the We’ll”.

And most recently, my thanks to Jen @ Step on a Crack. If I’d been more timely and responded sooner to Pastor J, I could have nominated you first!

Maybe that’s part of what I love about her!
As a matter of fact, you’ll find the group I’m thanking here to be pretty diverse. As I understand the award, it’s an opportunity to thank those who read both your writing and your heart.  And who take the time to share their own hearts in return.
I started The Fork in the Road 6 months before Two Minutes of Grace. I’ve had almost 80,000 hits at Fork compared to 14,500 here. I’ve written twice as many posts for Fork.
BUT, I’ve had 3,130 comments here – 40 more than on Fork!
Since most of you are bloggers, you know how much it means when someone takes the time to comment.
I can’t thank you enough. I hope people read all of your comments. They add so much truth and depth to my two minutes.
The exchange that goes on here at TMG between wise, caring, thoughtful people is so much more than I could have ever imagined would come from this simple 2 minute blog. I’m honored by your gift of time and reflection.
In addition to Jen and Pastor J, I truly hope you’ll check out these uniquely wonderful blogs.

2. List six nominations.

Living in Graceland

Good Life No Alcohol

I Am Not She

Caddo Veil

Deb’s Blog

Believing God Today

Author: Debbie

A former counselor and public speaker, I'm grateful for many, many things - God's grace most of all!

32 thoughts on “Reader Appreciation Award”

  1. Congratulations, Debbie – I love that I found my way here from your beautiful comments on Caddo’s blog. Even though I haven’t been a visitor here very long, I love reading your posts. Love your “community comments”; they make me smile. 🙂

    1. Julie – I’m so glad to have you here!
      I’m way over my head at Caddo’s place, and at yours. I’m completely devoid of the creative/artistic/poetic gene that you and most of my readers seem to share. It’s all I can muster to pound out 300 words! 😉
      Thank you for reading, Julie!
      I look forward to learning more about you as you share your thoughts with this ‘community’!
      ~ Debbie

      1. Debbie, I believe you give yourself far less credit than you deserve – and I always look forward to reading and visiting here; and the sense of peace I find …. wishing you a wonderful, blessed weekend! xoxox

  2. Dear Debbie,

    I just love it here. This is a special place filled with very special people. Debbie, you have created something of tremendous Joy here. I am blessed Beyond Blessed, to have found you.

    You and Heidi both have so much to share and share it so beautifully. I read your comments as well as your posts: community center. That is what your comment section is.

    You. I have been touched deeply, all the way to the core of my heart by you. You have helped me change. You have helped me see with new eyes SO many times.

    You make me laugh too. and think.

    I think of you so often during the day; I love the Fork too because it helps me see you (and makes me happy)

    I would not still be here in BlogLand if were not for you. Thank you a million times thank you

    I was in tears reading this post. you. I am a very lucky woman.

    Love, Jen

    1. Jen –
      My most kind friend, I’m sure you would have kept of writing and blogging without me, but oh, what I would have missed if I hadn’t met you! I’m so very grateful for the gift of your trust and your friendship. We’ve become real friends, as in, for life friends. Not having met in person seems incidental.
      Yes, the ‘community center’ here is such a rich gift. As you know, I’m on call 24/7 so this is my fellowship group. Thank you for giving me this award. How grand it’s been to stop and thank everyone who’s kind enough to read and to share a portion of themselves here.
      As for Fork, tomorrow I’ll try to write about today’s Crawfish Cookout. I have a lot of skin missing from my right thumb! 😉
      You are so dear to my heart,
      ~ Debbie

      1. Debbie, For Life Friends.

        I was talking to my husband about you today and it was as if we had just had tea together. I feel so close to you. I am Blessed indeed.

        and NO I don’t know that I would still be at it without you. I actually often wonder how I would have gotten through my mothers death without you.

        I am not kidding. You are an ANGEL; maybe an ANGEL missing some thumb….but an ANGEL none the less.

        I will look forward to that post!

        Use iodine. Ok?

        Love, Jen

  3. Love you gracious one, and thank you so much for appreciating us! We are so thankful for you! What would we do without you showcasing grace in our lives? I shudder to think! God bless you as He continues to stir our hearts through yours. love and prayers! – the other deb

    1. Dearest Deb –
      I can’t overstate how much your grace filled heart means to me!
      Thank you for taking the time to read and share of bit of your perspective with me. I’m both grateful and honored.
      Please tell Aub that I ran through the entire Sound of Music soundtrack (more than once) last night (I’ve seen the movie a dozen times) and she helped my jukebox brain through a long night on the ranch! 😀
      ~ Debbie

  4. Wow, I’m honored Debbie! I’m always glad to come here and read your posts, once in a while I make it over to the other one! I love TMG, very insightful, honest, and giving of much grace.

    I should be thanking you, not you me! I follow more then a few blogs and enjoy them, yours however I try not to ever miss a post. Thank you for the grace filled thought provoking posts you have here, all in the middle of some pretty hectic days for you.

    Warmest thanks and appreciation for your friendship, your nomination of my blog, and for sharing your warm heart with all (me) of us who call this place one of our homes!

    P.S. I do read all the comments most of the time, your comments here from the gang are good. 🙂

    1. Greg –
      It’s entirely my honor. You’ve been such an encouragement to me from the first day you dropped by to say ‘hello’. I do thank you very much and so appreciate your kind, grace filled heart.
      They are a sharp bunch here, aren’t they? With a group of folks so thoughtful and open and kind-spirited, it makes writing this so much more fun!
      Your friend,

  5. Congrats, Sis Debbie!! I love the George MacDonald quote (I always love the quotes you share, so thanks!!) and every line of yours was weep-worthy. Such tender hearts here, and thoughtful minds–to inspire us, and encourage and bless. I could never have guessed the potential for my own personal and spiritual (one and the same) growth through this blog community. Amazing Grace, indeed–thank you! God bless you–love, sis Caddo (poet/funny girl/heart always on her knees to Jesus)

    1. Dearest Caddo PfG –
      When two people meet for the first time, at someone else’s place (thank you Deb!), in the middle of the night to talk about the Shekina Glory – you know that has potential to be something special! And it has been and is and I thank you immensely!
      ~ Debbie (without a single credential to her name)

      1. Oh, I know–you just don’t want to have to hunt for your decoder ring everyday! (like I do)

    1. Dear Lew –
      You’ve been one of the special surprises at Two Minutes of Grace! Thank you! I love reading your posts as well. You can expect to see your name up in lights sometime in the near future here. 😀
      Your literature loving friend,
      ~ Debbie

    1. Hello Joss!
      My daughter got me hooked on George MacDonald’s Fairy Tales and I’ve loved him ever since!
      Thank you for the kind words. 😀
      ~ Debbie

    1. Hello Ginny! 😀
      Fork is a hodgepodge blog. This week it’s just been gate guarding. Sometimes it’s more about whatever crosses my path (often literally) that day. Lessons from the Laundromat and A Night with Darth Vader are more typical than the recent photo series. It might not be worth your time, but thank you for the kind thought 😀 and thank you for being my newest, most consistent reader – sharing the sunshine!
      ~ Debbie

  6. Wow, stats! I try not to look …

    I love both your blogs. I’m still in disbelief how we hooked up!!! I still feel like Jen made you read my twaddle 😉 It was a life-changing moment. We haven’t met in person, but i think about you everyday … and you are in my prayers (which includes lots of talking to dogs, geese, robins, bunnies, and squirrels … but it is praying). Anyway … i get such inspiration from your posts, so I AM THE ONE who is honored to be mentioned by you as a reader of your blog. Huh? Love you, and Thank You and Congratulations to you 🙂 XO MEL

    1. Melis –
      I know, stats are empty. Because I keep two blog going (sort of, in a hit and miss kind of way), the contrast in the number of readers compared to the number of comments is sort of startling! And to be honest, the comments have gone way up on Fork since several of my TMG readers started reading it.
      I loved to be prayed for! Thank you!
      And Yes, it is SO appropriate that I THANK YOU! If it weren’t for people like you, I might as well be keeping a journal. Not only do you encourage me, but you challenge my thinking. I like that!
      And I like you, a bunch!
      ~ Debbie
      (I can’t remember how you we all got connected? Did we meet at Debby’s livingingraceland or Heidi’s Good Life? However it happened, I’m most grateful to be included in the Tribe!)

    1. Mira Jay –
      The thing that I especially like about this award is that it isn’t about me – it’s about all of you. Thank you hanging out with me. 😀
      ~ Debbie

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