If God Had a Refrigerator

If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it. If He had a wallet, your photo would be in it. He sends you flowers every spring and a sunrise every morning…   Face it, friend. He is crazy about you!  ~ Max Lucado

Isn’t that a wonderful thought? The One from whom nothing is hidden, Who sees the parts of me I even hide from myself, is crazy about me! He’s crazy about you, too! Such amazing grace!

I’ve been thinking about this quite a lot.

Maybe we should all write a note in bright bold letters and tape it to the frig or the bathroom mirror:

I’m crazy about you!  Love, God

What if we were reminded of this over and over each day? I wonder, would it make a difference?

Want to give it a try with me?

Author: Debbie

A former counselor and public speaker, I'm grateful for many, many things - God's grace most of all!

25 thoughts on “If God Had a Refrigerator”

  1. I have always kept a 2nd grade photo of my baby brother (who is now 55) in a magnetic frame stuck to my file cabinet. When he finally came to visit me with his two daughters, one of them asked him who that picture was. He was blown away. He said to me, aside, “You keep one of my little-guy pictures stuck on your file cabinet?”
    I said, “Sure. I always thought of you as part mine.”
    He then proudly explained to his little daughters who it was and why it was there. I was secretly elated that it meant so much to him, as he always does to me.
    I guess I shared this to emphasize the reality of this truth. It’s really true. 🙂

    1. Hello Katharine!
      That is a beautiful story.
      What an honor your paid your brother!
      What an honor our Father pays us! 😀
      Grace and joy to you!
      ~ Debbie

  2. Several months ago someone had a pic on facebook…it says “You are AMAZING and don’t you forget it.” It has been my desktop background ever since and I consider it His words. He loves us soooo much!! Bless you!

    1. Judi –
      That sure suits you!
      You are, by the way!

      Amazing grace, How sweet the sound
      Amazing love, Now flowing down
      From hands and feet, That were nailed to the tree
      As grace flows down and covers me

      love and grace my friend,

    1. Jen –
      You know how Heidi is, if she believes it, she applies it – RIGHT AWAY!
      The day after I first wrote a version of this post (last June), I got up to find that very note taped on the bathroom mirror. I left it there for the longest time. It always made me smile – and it did make a difference!
      love to you,
      ~ Debbie

  3. Gracious one . . .I really like Max Lucado, what I’ve read of his anyway! 🙂 And I do think us realizing that God loves us like crazy would make a difference. Sometimes we believe it’s true for everyone else . . .but fall short when it comes to us. Or when our days aren’t going so wonderfully, we think perhaps we’ve slipped down on His love list. Not true! I think God’s lists go horizontally, everyone gets to be loved as much as the next. 🙂
    God bless you and send you a love note today! love and prayers – the other deb

    1. Dearest Deb –
      Yes, I like that: God’s lists go horizontally, everyone gets to be loved as much as the next.
      That’s so great and so very true! I think we when think we’ve slipped down the list, it’s because we’ve slipped down on our own love list. I’m still thinking about Heidi’s question. Any thoughts?
      love and grace,
      ~ Debbie

  4. OK, i want everyone to send me a picture!!! I’d love it. Short of that … i see a lot of sketches in my future of all my wonderful friends. Plenty of space in my wallet, and tons of space on the fridge. LOVE THIS. So kind, gentle and loving. It’s like mom pasting up a kid’s art! But much better. LOVE to you, melis

    1. Hello dear melis –
      It is just like that – a Father pasting up pictures of His kids because He love them so much!
      Amazing to think that the God of the universe would want me on His frig! 😉
      love and grace and peace to you,
      ~ Debbie

  5. We’re doing it again, dear friend 🙂 I think our posts parallel today and that’s not a bad thing at all. I hope it’s a divine thing!

    1. Dear Debby,
      I just love it when that happens! It makes me feel like we’re drawn together by the Spirit. You are my soul sister Debby with a y! 😀
      Thank you for that,

  6. I love this. A few years ago, while I was still working, a friend gave me a framed print that read:
    Trust Me
    I have Everything
    Under Control
    I have placed it near my frount door as a reminder to leave everything to Him for He cares and loves me.


    1. Hello Francine –
      What a perfect thing to read as you head out the door!
      I don’t think we can have too many reminders of God’s love … and may we be one in return!
      ~ Debbie

  7. I like this post, Debbie. It’s Lucado and Manning that say it like it is!

    God loves us with the only truly unconditional love we’ll ever know.

    Do you think we have to quit trying to love ourselves so much and stop trying to be perfect, (or whatever we do to make ourselves feel better)
    before we can deeply ‘feel’ His love? Just wondering.

  8. Thanks for sharing, Deb

    “What if we were reminded of this over and over each day? I wonder, would it make a difference?”

    Psalm 139 is my all-time favourite part of the Bible … He designed me. Knew me before I was a seed in my mother’s womb. Gave me life and the gift of choice. Loved me in my moments of rebellion and disinterest…

    I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that He knows where I’ve been and loves me still, but I’m enjoying learning His truth!

    Hopping that wagon! 🙂


      1. Ann –
        I know every verse by heart. My Dad and I used to sing it all the time. It was one of his favorites!
        Thank you!
        ~ Debbie

    1. Dear Ann –
      There isn’t a better wagon to ride in; that I’m certain of!
      I can’t wrap my head around it either. The more I think about it, the bigger it gets!
      Reveling with you in His marvelous grace! (beautiful video!)
      ~ Debbie

  9. Yes ma’am–deal me in!! I still have the print out I made when either you, or maybe it was Heidi (somebody around here!) offered the wise and wonderful advice to “Pause When Agitated”. It’s not on my fridge–I have it here at the computer where I need it most often! So, now I’ll make up the one you’ve suggested today, for the bathroom mirror. Thanks muchly! God bless you, Sis–love, sis Caddo

    1. Caddo, P.F.G.S.K.
      Pause When Agitated was from Heidi (which she wants me to say was from the Big Book). Did you post your note from God yet?
      I wrote the original version of this post almost a year ago. The next afternoon when I got up and there it was, a note on the bathroom mirror that said: I love you! Love, God (H. put it there while I was sleeping)
      I left it up for months – and it did make a difference! 😀
      love and grace to you, dear Caddo,
      ~ Debbie

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