If God Were More Like Superman…

God’s power is like Himself, self-existent, self-sustained. The mightiest of men cannot add so much as a shadow of increased power to the Omnipotent One. He sits on no buttressed throne and leans on no assisting arm. His court is not maintained by His courtiers, nor does it borrow its splendor from His creatures. He is Himself the great central source and Originator of all power. ~C. H. Spurgeon

If God were more like Superman, we’d be able to count on Him. He’d be predictable. He’d always protect the innocent and save the day, or at least our Metropolis, from all human evil and natural disasters.

If God were more like Superman, He’d be a lot more popular –  for a couple of reasons. For one thing, He’d be flawed. We like to see flaws in people. It helps boost our own super-egos. Others’ flaws are like Kryptonite to the Pharisaical.

If God were more like Superman He’d be so much more attractive on every level. He’d be dashingly good-looking and He’d know how to make an entrance. It would be nothing like the way He did it – born in scandal and sleeping in a crate in a stinking outbuilding.

If God were more like Superman, we’d understand Him. We like a god we can understand. He’d be super enough to have powers that exceed ordinary humans. He’d be hero enough to save a damsel in distress or plug a leak in the Hoover Dam. But He wouldn’t be super enough to save a soul, so we wouldn’t have to go messing about with thoughts of life after this life.

If God were more like Superman, we wouldn’t even need grace.

If God were more like Superman, He’d be just a slob like one of us that pulls shut the door and morphs into someone with superhuman potential.

But He isn’t. There’s no Kryptonite to restrict or challenge His powers. He doesn’t change His clothes or His character. God didn’t step into a phone booth as a man and come out a Superman. God stepped into our world as a poverty-stricken baby and came out a Savior.

Author: Debbie

A former counselor and public speaker, I'm grateful for many, many things - God's grace most of all!

27 thoughts on “If God Were More Like Superman…”

  1. “If God were more like Superman, He’d be just a slob like one of us that pulls shut the door and morphs into someone with superhuman potential.”

    I love that comment…it really made me laugh! I agree with what you are saying here 100% Great post Debbie!

    This made me think of a cute song from years ago that asks if God was one of us, just a slob like one of us….

    1. Greg –
      I was using Joan Osborne’s line intentionally.
      I didn’t know if anyone would pick up on it or not. I’m glad you did! 😀
      ~ Debbie

  2. Hi Debbie, I found your site through Greg’s blog called “Believing God Today.” I enjoyed reading your post! I am so thankful for our Perfect God. No one is more powerful than Him. Not even Superman!

    1. Danielle –
      Well hi there and welcome to TMG!
      Greg has become dear brother and I’m so pleased to have you stop by!
      I’m more and more aware of my tendency to make God somehow “more manageable” – and if not that, at least more comprehensible.
      This year long journey into graceland is helping me see how little I know about the Creator of the universe and how utterly stunning it is that He loves me!
      Thank you again for reading and especially for sharing here,
      ~ Debbie

    1. Oh melis –
      I’m about a dozen awards behind… You know how terrible I am at this. However, I just went to your blog and I am SO touched. Thank you dear, dear friend,
      ~ Debbie

  3. Super wise, Debbie! 😉
    Wow, i don’t know what to say. Yea … i see that. Lottsa truth in that. We all look for superman … perhaps in everyone … or at least the “mortals” we love so much. Food for thought .. in a good way Deb, REALLY!!! I’m struggling with my self-perception and my perception of God right now. Perhaps the struggle is about finally giving up and letting God, my HP give my soul a good work-over. Who knows? I read somewhere that life is easier in “flow’ than “force”. Not those words … but i’m putting my WILL under a lot of pressure to make a lot of decisions i’m not sure I have control over the “matter at hand”. It’s NOT in my hands, maybe never has been … Does that make sense? You may have to read it over … me too. Love, Mel

    1. dearest mel –
      I had to read it over a few times! 😉
      Yes, I think we often look for super-human people – kind of up-sizing them while at the same time we get worried about God’s hugeness so we down-size Him and make Him just a god instead of God.
      Does that make sense? 😀

      I’m thinking that our control is mostly an illusion (or maybe delusion).
      He is THE Lover of your soul, so Who better to go to for a “good-work-over”.
      My soul spends a lot of time in His shop! 😀
      much love and grace to you and you consider who does the best repair work,
      ~ Debbie

  4. I think I’m speechless–maybe not. You always Wow me, Debbie–and the other readers have already grabbed the incredibly good comments. I must agree that I’m thankful our God is not small enough to fit in my pea-brain box–and that He’s the God I need, rather than what I think I want on alternate Tuesdays. God bless you Big–love, sis Caddo (never quite speechless)

    1. Dear Caddo –
      The day you’re speechless would be a very sad day! 😉
      I’ve grown to love loving a God that I can’t even start to wrap my mind around!
      I KNOW so much less than I used to – I used to KNOW practically everything. And as Heidi said, I know less but trust Him oh so much more.
      You are a light, Caddo Delight!
      love and grace to you as you utter your lovely words,
      ~ Debbie

    1. Jill –
      First, thank you. That means so much to me.
      Second, you are such an example of God’s grace to me… much more than I think you could ever begin to know.
      Thank you, dear friend,
      ~ Debbie

  5. “If God were more like Superman, we’d understand Him. We like a god we can understand.” Indeed. Great observation.

    “A god” we’d like. A god small enough to fit into the cubbyhole of religion that is just right-sized for our teeny understandings, our philosophies, our politics, our musings. A suitable god for the press, for popularity, for causes, and one for super-sizing the sales of mass thinking… it goes on, doesn’t it?

    My God defies explanation. I realize I know less all the time about the God I worship, but I trust Him more. It’s almost in direct proportion to how much I give up my previous notions to how much I find Him to be sufficient… sufficiently powerful to transform my life.

    Faith and knowledge, in this case, can be counterproductive to trust. If I have to understand God to trust Him, then I cannot trust in an omnipotent One beyond my comprehension. He is that, if nothing else!

    1. Heidi –
      I was going to copy and past your 2nd paragraph, then I thought, no, the 3rd and then the 4th!
      Yes to all of it! Every word!
      It’s an absolute joy to journey in grace with you!
      my love and thanks,
      ~ Debbie

  6. Wonderful! You’ve said it with your gracious eloquence – again. I look forward to reading and sharing your grace over and over. “Sing them over again to me….” 😀

    1. Dear Debby –
      Beautiful words, wonderful words, wonderful words of life… Now you have me singing! I love that about you! That and about 289 other things!
      ~ Debbie

  7. This reminded me of the song by Joan Osbourne “What if God was one of us?” It’s so easy to distance ourself from God, but what if He is sitting on the bus beside us. I think Mother Teresa had it right, she who saw God in every person.

    1. Hey there, Joss!
      I just found this comment in my spam. Weird. I have no idea why.
      Anyway, yes, I used the line from Joan Osborne’s song intentionally, thinking some folks would pick up on that. 😀

      Your comment reminds me of another.
      Do you remember a song that Bette Midler sang called: From a Distance?
      The song is pretty but the chorus repeats:
      “God is watching us
      From a distance”
      I’m afraid we too often make it feel that way.
      Love and grace to you, friend,
      ~ Debbie

  8. Fascinating work, Debbie! “It was essential for the Christ to die… and rise again on the third day according to the Scriptures.” Your gift to express the simplicity of the truth of the gospel is… well, super! God bless, good friend.

    1. MT, 😀
      You’re so witty, my friend!
      Thank you for continuing to be such a very fine traveling companion!
      love and grace to you,
      ~ Debbie

  9. Gracious one! This is so wonderful and thoughtful and true of what we might want . . a superman type god. But what we need is a Supernatural Saviour God! So glad we have want we need and not what we might want! God bless you as you expose more and more grace! love and prayers!

    1. Dearest Deb –
      Perfectly said, thank God (literally) that we get what we need and not what we think we want.
      I can’t begin to count the times He’s rescued me from myself by being Supernatural instead of just super! 😀
      much love and grace to you and our Aub,
      ~ Debbie

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